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IP centralization and a modern collaboration platform, upgrade and streamline EYDAP’s communications infrastructure


IP centralization and a modern collaboration platform, upgrade and streamline EYDAP’s communications infrastructure


The Athens Water Supply and Sewerage Company (EYDAP), the largest company of its kind in Greece, serves 4.4 million customers. Its water supply network extends more than 14,000 km of water pipelines, and the sewerage network is almost 9,900 km. Founded in 1980 through the merger of the “Hellenic Water Company” and the “Greater Athens Sewerage Organisation”, the company has 2400 employees and 30 offices throughout Athens and the surrounding metropolitan area.

Through IDEAL Technology’s partner Cloud-U Telecoms and with its support, EYDAP decided to upgrade and streamline its communications infrastructure, by choosing the Alcatel Lucent Enterprise Solutions.

“Our strategic goal is the digital transformation of EYDAP. That is we chose the IP centralisation solution by Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise and its Rainbow platform.”  Effie Nestorides, Executive Director of Digital Governance, EYDAP


Since its telephony infrastructure was initially deployed in 2000, EYDAP has grown exponentially, facing many new technological demands. By 2020, EYDAP was managing a highly dispersed communications system, consisting of thirty stand-alone subsystems at an equal number of locations. As a result, and in an effort to improve the user and operator experience and to move towards digital transformation, there was a strong need to upgrade the system and simplify the architecture. The desired solution had to be flexible enough to allow easy user and application management, as well as full user-friendly access to Unified Communications services for customers and employees at any time and place. The global health crisis further highlighted the need for flexible and secure communications to ensure business continuity. IP centralisation and a modern collaboration platform proved to be the right solution for EYDAP.


Technical Benefits

  • Few hardware components and powerful software ensures easy maintenance and ongoing updates
  • With the OmniVista network management, the centralised infrastructure is simple to configure, operate, and update
  • Increased availability, reliability, and security
  • Existing infrastructure is supported together with the latest trends on a single platform
  • The system can easily expand, on premises or in the cloud

Financial Benefits

  • Immediate effect on reducing maintenance costs, after much of the hardware was replaced by software
  • Considerable gains in space, energy, and time
  • Improved productivity through IP centralisation and collaboration tools

User Experience Benefits

  • Flexibility for operators with full access to all IP and Unified Communications features from a single interface
  • User-friendly access to VoIP telephony and collaboration tools such as chat, video calls, screen and file sharing at any time and from any place, for EYDAP’s employees and customers




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