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New Interactive Forcepoint Tool for Customers to Explore their SASE Journey

Introducing a great new resource to gain the insights you need to drive conversations!

Forcepoint SASE Readiness Assessment

How far along are you in your SASE journey?

Based on an ESG SASE Study, this new tool not only helps customers and prospects determine how well prepared they are to implement a SASE architecture, but provides insights for you to have compelling conversations with your contacts.

The customer or prospect’s answers to the assessment are evaluated against the study’s respondents (~400 information security and IT professionals responsible for evaluating, purchasing, and managing network and cloud security products and services). It highlights where they are in their SASE journey and offers suggestions on the next steps they should take. At each stage, it offers additional information to help them understand the differences between generic SASE approaches and a data-first SASE approach.

The interactive tool asks 5 questions and suggests how you can:

  • Secure a highly distributed workforce
  • Have the freedom to scale as needed, while simultaneously reducing the number of vendors used
  • Reduce security costs

Click on the “Get Started” button to start the assessment now!

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