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PC, Peripherals & POS

PC – As our most comprehensive and varied range ever, the dynabook business lineup has the ideal device for everyone in your organisation. From ultra-mobile two-in-ones for those who are always on the move, to powerful workstations for desk-based workers, dynabook work with you to find the right PC for every specialism. But selecting the right PC for each worker doesn’t mean a headache in terms of manageability; with common software image, power options and docking across most models, we can make managing your fleet simple and efficient. All of the devices in our range can be configured to work with dynabook Mobile Zero client too – so you can provide ultimate security without compromising mobility.

PC, Peripherals & POS

Peripherals – Optimize your laptop experience with dynabook/Toshiba accessories. Whether you’re looking for a carry case, memory expansion, or docking solution, dynabook/Toshiba has an accessory that is right for your dynabook/Toshiba laptop. Also we offer storage solutions designed for a wide variety of business-critical applications including data analysis for business intelligence, small-medium business servers, data-retention and archiving.
3G+Wifi POS – The SumUp 3G + Wifi POS terminal facilitates card payments. Accept all major debit and credit cards with one easy-to-use, standalone device. No monthly charges. No contractual obligations
  1. SumUp 3G: Run your business individually.
    1. Includes SIM with unlimited data
  2. SumUp 3G Card Reader & Printer Bundle
    1. Print receipts immediately after accepting payments
    2. ~ 1000 receipts with fully charged battery
    3. Base charging function



  • Mobile Devices

    PC, Peripherals & POS

    • Portégé : Light in weight. Strong in design. Designed for those who demand the very best in mobile computing.
    • Tecra : Built for business and designed to help you work more efficiently, our Tecra laptops offer everything a business professional could want.
    • Satellite Pro: All round productivity. Designed to cope with every business situation, each Satellite Pro model provides power, reliability and easy-to-use controls.

  • Accessories

    PC, Peripherals & POS

    Optimize your laptop experience with dynabook laptop accessories. Whether you're looking for a carry case, memory expansion, or docking solution, Dynabook has an accessory that is right for your Dynabook laptop.

  • SHIFTCAM ProGrip

    PC, Peripherals & POS

    ProGrip is an ergonomic, camera-like grip that makes it easy to get great shots with your phone, closing the gap between mobile and camera photography. Compatible with Android and iPhone (including iPhone 13) it has a built-in battery pack with Qi wireless charging to keep you shooting all day. ProGrip also has thoughtful features like a Bluetooth shutter button and a rotating mount that lets you shoot in portrait or landscape mode, and you can use ProGrip as a desktop stand for reviewing your shots and footage. A tripod connector and cold shoe mount provide flexibility and functionality to add LED lights and microphones, and ProGrip is fully compatible with ShiftCam’s precision-made ProLens add-on lenses to let you further expand the capabilities of today’s smartphone cameras.

  • SHIFTCAM Accessories

    PC, Peripherals & POS

    Tripods, Full light mini etc.

  • SHIFTCAM ProLens

    PC, Peripherals & POS

    Lenses > 60mm Telephoto - Portraits of Everyday > 1.33x Anamorphic - Cinematic Adventure > 75mm Long Range Macro - Macro in Motion > 230° Fisheye - All-Around View of the Environment > 18mm Wide-Angle - Perfect Frame > Traditional 10x Macro - Insane Detail


    PC, Peripherals & POS

    LED Panels > Bi-color Panel - Natural Light In Your Pocket > RGBWW Panel - 360 RGB colors with adjustable saturation for every style

  • SHIFTCAM Bundles

    PC, Peripherals & POS

    > Photography Kit: The perfect everyday kit for mobile photographers on-the-go, with the 60mm Telephoto and 18mm Wide Angle ProLens. > Videography Kit: An essential kit for mobile filmmakers and content creators, with the 1.33x Anamorphic and 60mm Telephoto ProLens. > Macro Kit: Food Photography & Videography - The master macro kit for both stills and videos, with the 10x 25mm Traditional Macro and 75mm Long Range Macro ProLens.

  • SHIFTCAM Lens Mount

    PC, Peripherals & POS

    > Camera Case Leather (compatible with iPhone 13) > Camera Case Silicone  (compatible with iPHONE 11/12) > In case Lens mount

  • External Hard Drives

    PC, Peripherals & POS

    • Canvio Ready – Toshiba’s Canvio Ready external hard drive uses USB 3.2 Gen 1 technology for transfer speeds of up to 5 Gbit/s – and with plug-and-play technology, you’re able to quickly save and secure up to 4 TB of media to a compact, portable device.
    • Canvio Advance - Toshiba’s Canvio Advance uses USB 3.2 Gen 1 technology and is a solid storage solution for anyone who wants quality and style at great value. Up to 4 TB of high-performance storage is packed into a stylish casing
    • Canvio Gaming - Get ready for your next Canvio Gaming hard drive game and expand your gaming library more easily than ever. This portable hard drive is designed to support the best gaming experience by freeing up space on your console to expand your gaming library as you improve your capabilities.

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