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Wired & Wireless Networking

The IT requirements in a modern company has changed significantly over the last years. While in the past they were based only on a wired infrastructure, today’s business needs demand a combined model that enables mobility and in a wireless environment. So the question is,


The IT requirements in a modern company has changed significantly over the last years. While in the past they were based only on a wired infrastructure, today’s business needs demand a combined model that interconnect safely all users, whether on a wired or wireless environment.

Wired & Wireless Networking

So the question is, wireless or wired network access? In both cases IDEAL Technology supports your business, by proposing solutions that have the reliability and flexibility required to meet today’s different business needs. Through its innovative high-tech network products, IDEAL Technology enriches the user experience while at the same time gives the opportunity to enjoy improved speeds, lack of interference and increased security.
Our Wired & Wireless Networking Solutions cover all latest technologies including but not limited to: Network Switches, Network Controllers (Cloud/Soft) and Wireless Access Points (APs) that can even include advanced security features.



  • AP’s & OmniAccess

    Wired & Wireless Networking

    Indoor and outdoor access points including Wi-Fi 6 (802.11ax) and Wi-Fi 5 (802.11ac) technologies support versatile deployments in any size network. Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise technology offers most reliable application fluent mobile experience over one of the fastest and scalable unified network infrastructure on the planet. Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise WiFi technology for personal and enterprise owned mobile devices delivers gigabit speeds without overhauling the existing network infrastructure. Deployment is simple and flexible. Unlike one size fits all Wireless LAN (WLAN), the Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise technology offers network control that can be distributed across a group of intelligent, fault-tolerant Access Points (APs) or centralized in a WLAN Controller. The entire network can be easily managed using unified network platform, OmniVista.

  • OmniSwitch 2220 Family

    Wired & Wireless Networking

    Gigabit WebSmart family of switches provide a simple, secure, and smart business network at affordable prices With Alcatel-Lucent OmniSwitch 2220 Gigabit WebSmart family of switches, you can achieve reliable business class network performance and security without paying for advanced network management features. These switches are a lower-priced alternative to managed switches for wired connectivity while maintaining performance, Quality of Service (QoS) and scalability using a simplified web management interface. The Alcatel-Lucent OmniSwitch 2220 family is embedded with the latest technology innovations, and offers maximum investment protection.

  • OmniSwitch 6865 Family

    Wired & Wireless Networking

    Industrial-grade, highly secure, intelligent switches for superior performance in mission-critical applications running in harsh environments or extreme temperatures. Our newest generation of Hardened Ethernet LAN Switches offers the ideal solution for mission-critical applications that need to operate at extreme temperatures and meet stringent EMC/EMI requirements. A high-performance rugged switch that can be stacked to form a virtual chassis, it's designed to be deployed in transportation and traffic control systems, power utilities, video surveillance and other outdoor installations. Industry-leading features such as SPB-M support and intelligent auto-provisioning ensure a fast, scalable and cost-efficient way of rolling out services at the edge. With a generous PoE budget and HPoE to power wireless access points, card readers, PTZ cameras, digital signages, sensors and more, you’ll stay secure, connected and productive, whatever the environment.

  • OmniSwitch 6350 Family

    Wired & Wireless Networking

    The Alcatel-Lucent OmniSwitch® 6350 Stackable family is a series of fixed-configuration Gigabit Ethernet switches available as 10-, 24- and 48-port, Power-over-Ethernet (PoE) and non-PoE models to create the exact network for your small business. The network capabilities of the OmniSwitch 6350 family include advanced security, quality of service and high availability features for your business-class data, voice and wireless technologies. These switches are simple to deploy, configure and manage.

  • OmniSwitch 6450 Family

    Wired & Wireless Networking

    An easy-to-manage edge solution for highly available, secure and eco-friendly campus networks running many devices. With an optimized design for flexibility and scalability as well as low power consumption, our OmniSwitch 6450 Stackable Gigabit and Fast Ethernet LAN Switches provide an edge solution enabling networks for Service Providers and campuses alike. They fully secure your network at the edge, with no additional cost or hardware. The Alcatel-Lucent OmniSwitch 6450 family leverages the latest vLAN and SDN technology, AOS innovations, and offers maximum investment protection to support your network's growth into the future.

  • OmniSwitch 6560 Family

    Wired & Wireless Networking

    With multi-gigabit ports for high-speed IEEE 802.11 ac devices, 10GigE uplinks and 20 GigE stacking, the OmniSwitch 6560 is the right solution for your next-generation network. The Alcatel-Lucent OmniSwitch 6560 Stackable Multi-Gigabit Ethernet LAN value switch family is an industry leading campus access solution for enterprise networks. With multi-gigabit ports for high-speed IEEE 802.11 ac devices, 10GigE uplinks and 20 GigE stacking, the OmniSwitch 6560 is the right solution for your next generation network. Offering a design optimized for flexibility and scalability as well as low power consumption, the OmniSwitch 6560 is an outstanding edge solution. It uses the field-proven Alcatel-Lucent Operating System (AOS) to deliver highly available, secure, self-protective, easily managed and eco-friendly networks.

  • OmniSwitch 9900 Family

    Wired & Wireless Networking

    An SDN-ready, high-capacity modular Ethernet LAN switch that's field-proven in enterprise, service provider and data center environments. Here's a switch that's leading the pack. A high density, multi-Terabit modular platform offering linear scaling, excellent redundancy, resiliency and high availability. The Alcatel-Lucent OmniSwitch 9900 series modular LAN chassis platform is ideally suited for enterprise core, aggregation and edge environments. Its resilient platform architecture provides control plane and data plane redundancy together with unparalleled scalability to meet demanding resiliency and throughput requirements for evolving enterprises of all sizes. The OmniSwitch 9900 series offers a broad range of modules supporting 1 GigE, 2.5 GigE, 10 GigE, 40 GigE and 100 GigE ports in an 11-RU chassis form factor, and it offers highest 1 GigE/10GigE port density in its class. The 40 GigE ports can work in 4x10 GigE mode, and the 100 GigE ports can work in 4x25 GigE mode.

  • OmniSwitch 6860 Family

    Wired & Wireless Networking

    Designed for the most demanding converged networks: high-density, Unified Access switches with Smart Analytics in a compact form factor. These compact, high-density, advanced Gigabit and multi Gigabit Ethernet (GigE) platforms are designed for the most demanding of converged networks. Offering high-speed flexible uplinks, 200G stacking, industry leading 95W PoE, and high density 10G multi-gigabit ports ready for Wi-Fi 6, these platforms are the right choice for the next generation of enterprise switching networks. Offering comprehensive security features, they are well-equipped to secure the network edge. These high performance, versatile LAN switches can be positioned: At the edge of mid- to large-sized converged enterprise networks At the aggregation layer In a small enterprise network core In the data center for GigE server connectivity and SDN applications

  • OmniSwitch 6900 Family

    Wired & Wireless Networking

    This top-of-rack LAN and data center switch is compact and high-density, with 10 Gigabit Ethernet (GigE), 25 GigE, 40 GigE and 100 GigE options. Designed for the most demanding software-defined operations, the Alcatel-Lucent OmniSwitch 6900 offers high performance and extremely low latency. Its stackable, modular design keeps your footprint small – and your management simple, because you can run multiple switches as one. These secure, compact, high density 10, 25, 40 and 100 GigE platforms are also designed to be flexible. You can position them as converged top-of-rack spine switches in your data center, or as core and aggregation devices in your campus network.

  • OmniSwitch 6465 Family

    Wired & Wireless Networking

    A ruggedized, fully manageable and scalable Gigabit Ethernet switch. Designed for Industrial Ethernet, these DIN rail switches are ideal for a range of Industrial applications such as Intelligent Transportation, Railway and Substations. The Alcatel Lucent OmniSwitch 6465 switches are fully managed, gigabit Ethernet switches run on the widely deployed & field-proven Alcatel-Lucent operating system offering high security, reliability, performance and easy management. These switches are designed to operate in extended temperatures, offer higher EMI/EMC tolerance and surge protection. The OS6465 series offers HPoE (60W PoE) for connecting the pan-tilt-zoom cameras on toll booths, outdoor wireless access points or integrated displays. These switches are easy to deploy with Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise’ award winning Auto-Fabric technology which offers out-of-the-box plug-and-play, zero-touch provisioning and network automation. These switches support IEEE 1588v2 PTP for timing requirements of industrial devices. The OS6465 family offers advanced system and network level resiliency features and convergence through standardized protocols in a space-efficient form factor. These versatile industrial switches are ideal for deployment in transportation and traffic control systems, power utilities, IP surveillance systems and outdoor installations.

  • OmniSwitch 6465T Rugged Family

    Wired & Wireless Networking

    A versatile, fully managed, extended temperature ruggedized, layer 3 Ethernet switch. The Alcatel Lucent OmniSwitch 6465T switches are a family of extended temperature, compact, gigabit Ethernet switches that are ideal for Residential/Metro Ethernet triple play applications. These PoE switches offer a value, power efficient access for powering smart building subsystems such as lighting, CCTV and HVAC. The switches run on the widely deployed and field-proven Alcatel-Lucent Operating system that offers high security, reliability, performance and easy management. These switches are designed to operate an extended temperature range offering reliable operation in -10 °C to 60 °C.

  • FortiSwitch

    Wired & Wireless Networking

    Conventional Ethernet networks (LANs) face many challenges, such as exponential growth in devices and applications, increased traffic demands caused by the proliferation of wireless networks that use conventional networks as backbone, but also due to the complex security-related implementations. Instead of looking for ways to secure traditional Ethernet networks, Fortinet is pursuing a centralized security approach that offers Ethernet as an extension of its security infrastructure through FortiSwitch and FortiLink. The FortiSwitch line consists of a complete Secure Switch package of simple and scalable implementations ideal for Secure SD-Branch and applications ranging from a desktop to a data center.

  • FortiPresence

    Wired & Wireless Networking

    Fortinet’s FortiPresence provides presence and positioning analytics, leveraging the existing onsite Fortinet access points to detect each visitor’s smartphone WiFi signal. FortiPresence users can gain insight into the behaviors of visitors within their site both in real time and across time periods. Analytical data from FortiPresence can be used to increase business efficiencies, improve visitor experiences, and positively impact the business’ bottom line.

  • FortiPlanner

    Wired & Wireless Networking

    FortiPlanner is a graphical Wireless LAN planning and post-deployment site survey tool which simplifies WLAN planning and deployment. Using FortiPlanner ensures planning accuracy through sophisticated signal propagation ray-tracing algorithms. After deployment, a real-time coverage heat map shows you areas that need fine-tuning, such as coverage holes or especially congested areas.

  • FortiExtender

    Wired & Wireless Networking

    The FortiExtender appliance uses LTE connectivity and the cellular infrastructure to provide broadband speeds that can be used in a failover or load-balancing configuration. For those locations without wired broadband options, FortiExtender can also serve as the primary Internet connection, enabling reliable connectivity for heavy-branch, remote, and mobile networks. FortiExtender Cloud is an easy-to-use, cloud environment that allows us through our browser to implement, manage and improve our FortiExtender network. It has the ability to support a virtually unlimited number of FortiExtenders which can be located anywhere in the country or the world. It provides complete management of the devices and an overview of the amount of data used so that we can take measures that will prevent excessive costs.

  • FortiAP

    Cyber Security Wired & Wireless Networking

    FortiAP series consists of a wide range of access points designed to provide secure wireless networking to businesses. FortiAPs can cover all company sizes and can include built-in security features, such as AV, IPS, Application Control, etc. FortiAPs can be managed centrally by the integrated WLAN controller of any FortiGate security appliance, through the FortiAP Cloud provisioning and management portal or by a dedicated wireless controller.

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