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Secure Service Gateway

Secure Service Gateway (SSG) is a Carrier-grade, highly scalable DPI-based platform for broadband optimization and service deployment in fixed and mobile environments.

SSG provides 360⁰ granular visibility into your network, application, and user behavior for the decision makers in your organization. Real-time monitoring, usage metrics, Digital Experience quality, and online behavior dashboards help you visualize all traffic, analyze impacts on network performance, rapidly troubleshoot issues, and take prompt corrective actions as needed. Risky and recreational applications, BYOD, shadow IT, and other bandwidth “hungry” applications are identified and graphically displayed. Dashboards are self-customized, so the data you want is always available.

Allot’s Dynamic Actionable Recognition Technology (DART) is embedded in the platform and powered by supervised and unsupervised ML & AI algorithms that inspect every single packet, even encrypted traffic, without SSL inspection. Allot’s extensive signature library identifies thousands of web applications and protocols and supports user-defined signatures. Automated applications and protocol pack updates from the Allot cloud keep your deployment up-to-date with the latest application and web developments to ensure accurate traffic classification.

Secure Service Gateway is designed from the ground up to assure an excellent Digital Experience to any Enterprise, enabling control of applications and online services in order to meet your business priorities.

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