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Cloud Backup

StorageCraft Cloud Backup Solution protects data created in your cloud-based enabled applications of Office 365 and G Suite.

Even if your organization’s SaaS data is in the cloud, it doesn’t mean it’s completely safe. When it comes to working in cloud-based applications, the option of granular recovery isn’t a given fact. But the opportunity for human error is. Humans accidentally delete important files, overwrite one another’s documents, and download viruses. And SaaS vendors may or may not have a cloud backup storage and recovery solution for you. If they do have cloud backup storage, there’s no guarantee that it’ll be easy, that you’ll get the data in a useful format, or that the recovery will happen quickly or inexpensively.

With StorageCraft Cloud Backup solution you can be rest assured that your data will always be protected and accessible on our SAS 70-certified Centers, utilizing state-of-the-art compression and encryption.

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