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Cost-effective, Premium, Smart, Soft. DeskPhones with high-quality audio.
With their modern business-grade design, the range of deskphones offers high-quality telephony with simple and elegant interactions. Available with models to suit all needs and budgets, so your entire organization can stay connected and communicating with high-quality audio.
Premium desk phones with their modern business-grade design, our deskphones offers high-quality telephony with simple and elegant interactions. Contemporary desk phones offer excellent sound quality, elegant design and optimized ergonomics for a superior communication experience.
Stay ahead of the competition by investing in world-class telephony equipment that offers premium sound quality, optimized ergonomic designs and an impressive list of advanced features and add-ons. Available with IP or digital (TDM) technologies, all Premium DeskPhones Models are compatible with each other, allowing you to mix and match models depending on your business needs. The superb build quality of these phones, as well as their impressive list of features and add-ons, ensures that your investment today will offer excellent communication services for many years to come. High-end IP deskphones provide an immersive HD video experience and market-leading telephony features – all at an affordable price.
These sleek and intuitive business phones bring the deskphone experience to life with rich contextual menus and industry-specific applications. Designed for professionals in office environments and for hotel guests in their rooms, our Smart DeskPhones boast vivid 7-inch touchscreens, easy-to-use navigation, plus the highest quality wideband audio and video – for conversations you’ll remember. Alcatel-Lucent offers IP Desktop Softphones, an application binging all the features of a desk phone to your mobile phone.

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