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ESET Enterprise Inspector

ESET Enterprise Inspector is an Endpoint Detection & Response (EDR) sophisticated tool for identification of anomalous behavior and breaches, risk assessment, incident response, investigations and remediation actions. It enables continuous comprehensive monitoring of real-time endpoint activity, in-depth analysis of suspicious processes and immediate response to incidents and breaches. Paired with ESET Endpoint Protection Platform, ESET Enterprise Inspector is a complete prevention, detection and remediation solution to:

• Detect advanced persistent threats
• Stop fileless attacks
• Block zero-day threats
• Protect against ransomware
• Prevent company policy violation

ESET Enterprise Inspector features an API that enables accessing and exporting of detections and their remediation to allow effective integration with tools such as SIEM, SOAR, ticketing tools and many others. It further provides a unique behavior and reputation-based detection that is fully transparent to security team.

The solution integrates remote PowerShell capabilities that allow Security Engineers to remotely inspect and configure their organization’s computers, so a sophisticated response can be achieved without breaking the user’s workflow. ESET Enterprise Inspector supports Windows and macOS, which makes it a perfect choice for multiplatform environments.

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