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Forcepoint Advanced Malware Detection (AMD)

Forcepoint Advanced Malware Detection (AMD) leverages proven Lastline technology to detect zero-day and other advanced malware. Using Lastline’s Deep Content Inspection technology, Forcepoint AMD emulates an entire host, interacting with malware to expose and observe a malicious object’s possible actions. These include advanced evasion techniques, O/S or application specific threats, dormant code analysis and even CPU and in-memory activity.

Forcepoint Advanced Malware Detection provides leading malware detection capabilities. The sandbox is based on a unique architecture that emulates and analyzes the activity of an entire host, including the CPU, system memory and all input/output devices. Often missed by other security technologies, AMD’s Deep Content Inspection provides visibility into the behavior of malicious code by emulating a complete operating system and hardware environment. Emulation eliminates the clues that malware often uses to evade detection in more traditional, virtualized sandboxes.

AMD is available as a fully integrated option for Forcepoint CASB, NGFW, Web Security and Email Security. In this integration, Forcepoint’s core solutions first assess the broader context of an internet transaction for potential indicators of compromise. After performing static analysis of suspicious files, AMD can be called upon to perform the deep behavioral analysis necessary to identify zero-day threats and other modern malware. Available as a cloud service for high availability, scalability, low maintenance and other SaaS benefits, on-premises for cloud-adverse organizations, or even deployed as an air gapped solution with Forcepoint NGFW for physically isolated network requirements. Forcepoint AMD is the perfect complement to your Forcepoint CASB, NGFW, Web Security or Email Security solution. It provides unparalleled threat detection, as well as consistent threat forensic information, to optimize incident response teams. Forcepoint AMD will give you all the information you need—regardless of the threat vector—while ‘zero-false positives’ means you’ll spend your valuable time working against true threats. Regardless of your size or industry, Forcepoint provides the comprehensive security solutions you need to challenge today’s fast evolving, highly evasive threats.

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