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Forcepoint CASB Cloud Access Security Broker

Forcepoint CASB Cloud Access Security Broker discovers cloud application use, analyze risk, and enforce appropriate controls for SaaS and custom applications. Forcepoint CASB offers enhanced security for data in cloud apps, so your end-users can access their favorite apps without restriction.

The Forcepoint CASB:

• Discover and risk-prioritize all unsanctioned cloud use (Shadow IT) to quickly and easily determine if applications meet governance rules and avoid compliance issues
• Unleash the power of BYOD with improved employee productivity and cost savings while ensuring security of employees and corporate resources in the cloud
• Identify anomalous and risky user behavior in the cloud to stop malicious users, as well as clamp down on user activities that don’t meet best practices
• Reduce the risk of exposing sensitive cloud data to unauthorized users in violation of governance and regulatory rules
• Identify potentially inappropriate privilege escalation to prevent the impact associated with root account takeover
• Implement geo-location-based access and activity monitoring for legitimate users and malicious actors
• Track application usage for compliance, licensing, and cost savings of unused accounts

Forcepoint CASB integrates with DLP solutions to provide unified data protection extending from on-premises to the cloud environment. It also integrates with solutions such as web security, email security, next-generation firewall and more. CASB creates a risk profile based on threat likelihood and business impact. It utilizes analytics based on thousands of apps and activities to provide risk prioritized alerts for SOC and incident response teams. Forcepoint CASB has the most comprehensive use case coverage, with API and forward/reverse proxy support. This provides granular device and activity control for unmanaged devices. Forcepoint CASB has flexible product architecture to support any application, including custom applications, without product changes. Users can fully audit and protect application usage in a matter of hours or days.

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