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Forcepoint Cloud Security Gateway

Forcepoint CSG is a converged cloud security service that provides visibility, control, and threat protection for users and data, wherever they are. Integrated functionality reduces time to value and ensures maximum capabilities are available. Eliminating multiple point products enables enterprises to cut costs, reduce complexity, and decrease operational overhead while eliminating overlap between product and security teams. The Forcepoint Cloud Security Gateway:

• Extend protection to users both on and off the corporate network—in the office, at home, and on the go.
• Apply consistent policies across your organization— for safe access to web content and cloud applications while protecting your critical data.
• Prevent and stop threats across the entire kill chain— even the ones you can’t see like zero-day threat.
• Discover risky cloud application usage.
• Enable policies to protect data without impacting productivity.
• Decrease costs and hardware footprint.
• Eliminate gaps in security operations and streamline IT and workflow management.
• Reduce vendors and point product overload.
• Simplify regulatory compliance. Utilize pre-defined regulatory policy templates to remove guesswork and reduce effort.
• Ensure employee productivity.
• Secure your global and remote workforce

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