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Forcepoint Control Center

On one pane-of-glass, FC2 offers a graphic user interface for managing guards across your Forcepoint CDS enterprise. The interface displays critical information including guard status, data flows and configurations. Configuration changes follow a smooth workflow for creating, staging, validating and approving changes. Approved changes are easily pushed to the guards. Whether you have two or fifty guards to manage, FC2 is what you to need to manage at scale. Agility within operations is often critical to mission success. Forcepoint Control Center (FC2) brings command-and-control to your enterprise. Whether your guards are collocated in your data center or globally dispersed—FC2 gives you one dashboard to manage and make changes efficiently without the complexity of Linux Command Line Interface (CLI). FC2 is a graphic administration tool that registers guards which can be grouped to control large enterprises if needed. Details about system health, throughput and data flows are available with a simple click-through to the status page. In FC2, changes are made and then validated prior to staging for approvals. Once the staged changes have been approved by both the System Administrator and the Security Administrator, the changes can be pushed out to the guards with the click of a link. FC2 enforces strong process and role separation to ensure that only delegated resources can commit changes.

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