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Forcepoint Data Analyzer

Security analysts in law enforcement, military and commercial settings spend too much time collecting and collating data across different public and private sources. Their time would be much better spent analyzing the real threats so they can respond rapidly and effectively.

Data Analyzer delivers a dramatically different experience: By employing virtual data warehousing, federated search, powerful algorithms for automated information discovery and intuitive workflow tools, security analysts gain the ability to respond to cyber threats, fraud, other criminal activity and even terrorism as they’re happening — not hours, days or months later.

Traditional approaches to security analysis require organizations to set up data warehouses and ingest mass data — a process that taxes IT resources, triggers onerous compliance requirements, raises sticky questions of data ownership and drives up your total cost of ownership (TCO). By contrast, we avoid those pitfalls by using virtual data warehousing technology that accesses data at high speed without ever needing to copy or move it. The result is a faster, more economical solution that is quicker and easier to set up, and that avoids putting long-term burdens on your IT and compliance resources.

Data Analyzer has been designed from the ground up to be easy to use and to enable rapid collaboration across teams. Its sophisticated data visualization tools enable your analysts to interactively expose patterns, trends and anomalies hiding in large amounts of complex data:

• Link Analysis — Easily uncover clusters of information or key individuals and their relationship to suspicious events
• Temporal Analysis — Quickly recognize a change in behavioral patterns or unusual conduct needing further investigation
• Geospatial Analysis — Unearth an unknown relationship or the importance of information based on geographic correlations
• Statistical Analysis — Identify unexpected peaks in activities or values

Data Analyzer also includes faceted and tactical searching for selective information discovery using visual search filters, as well as alerting functionality and an integrated intelligence database that supports secure information sharing.

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