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Forcepoint Data Guard

Forcepoint Data Guard secure data and file transfer between physically separated networks. The persistent threat of cyberattacks, penetration and data loss require that only the most secure methods are used to maintain the highest standards of security, particularly in highly regulated industries. Many organizations struggle with how to balance protecting sensitive data while at the same time utilizing cutting edge collaboration and automation technologies. The common approach many organizations take is to separate sensitive data and networks from information technology systems and the internet. This is a good security practice, but on its own can leave systems vulnerable and prevent adoption of automation and cloud-based technologies. Forcepoint Data Guard delivers this balance by enabling highly complex, bidirectional, automated data and file transfers between physically separated networks. To provide defense-grade data control at scale, Data Guard leverages a trusted operating system and security policies that enforce role and process separation and isolation for automated, byte-level content inspection and sanitization, with customizable rules to handle even the most specialized data types and protocols.

Data Guard is designed to evolve as the demands on your environment change. Thanks to its highly flexible and customizable rule- and policy-based structure, Data Guard ensures an enterprise’s ability to monitor and control any future data types and devices. Data Guard was designed for highly regulated environments such as government, military, critical infrastructure, law enforcement, and any other environment that must:

• Move sensitive data between separated networks
• Adhere to strict regulations for devices that move data between networks
• Utilize non-standard or non-typical data types and formats

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