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Forcepoint Dynamic Data Protection

Dynamic Data Protection delivers a system for identifying and investigating entities that post potential risk to critical data and assets. It dynamically applies monitoring and enforcement controls to protect assets based on risk level of actors and the value of data.

Forcepoint Dynamic Data Protection significantly reduces time to discovery, holistic forensic investigations, and alert burdens caused by false positives, allowing you to quickly respond to risk while maintaining optimum business efficiencies. Forcepoint uses a smarter way to safeguard your sensitive networks and data, no matter where they reside or are accessed. Integrating behavior-centric analytics with data protection tools. Forcepoint Dynamic Data Protection allows you to identify high-risk activity and automate policies to protect data in near realtime, providing the highest security with the greatest end-user productivity. With Forcepoint Dynamic Data Protection, organizations can overcome the fundamental challenges of traditional DLP and more effectively protect sensitive information, including regulated data sources, intellectual property, and personally identifiable information. Forcepoint DDP is the first and only solution of its kind on the market; the only one that can automate policy enforcement to dynamically respond to changes in risk within an organization. With intelligent analytics, unified policy management, and automation at its core, only Forcepoint can provide the end-to-end, behavior-centric security architecture organizations need to meet the security challenges of today—and tomorrow.

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