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Forcepoint Insider Threat

Forcepoint Insider Threat has been identifying and stopping threats from within for government and Fortune 100 customers for more than 15 years. With more than 1 million endpoints deployed, Forcepoint Insider Threat’s proven solution protects some of the most sensitive organizations on the planet. One Fortune 100 retail client realized 60% ROI in the first year of deployment. Forcepoint’s innovative “Inside-Out” approach to cybersecurity will revolutionize how you protect your critical data. Our Insider Threat Data Protection delivers deep visibility into threats from within by linking data movement to your users’ behavior, wherever they may be. Early visibility into risky user behavior gives you advanced warning into threats to your data from within. Stop critical data from leaving your organization and identify both malicious and negligent users to minimize threat risks.
Forcepoint Insider Threat gives you unrivaled visibility into computer users’ early activity, helping you to stop data theft and loss by:
• Detecting suspicious activity, whether accidental or intentional.
• Preventing a hijacked system, a rogue insider, or just a user making a mistake, ensuring that your intellectual property is not compromised.
• Establishing a normal behavior’ baseline, giving you early indications of a potential risk when a user begins to stray from their normal activity.
• Providing context into a user’s behavior, aiding your investigation.
• Automatically identifying your riskiest users. An over-theshoulder view enables you to put context around risky behavior. This lets you determine if the system was hijacked, the employee action was malicious, or if it was an accidental act.
Only Forcepoint Insider Threat offers DVR capture and playback on both Windows and Mac OS endpoints. Command Center provides a highly intuitive way to identify the riskiest users and quickly see patterns that can uncover broader risk. Forcepoint Insider Threat provides granular control over when to collect data and what to specifically gather to protect users’ privacy. Only Forcepoint Insider Threat integrates with Forcepoint DLP to help you quickly drive to smarter remediation decisions after risky behavior is detected.

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