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Forcepoint Next Generation Firewall (NGFW)

Forcepoint NGFW provides consistent security, performance and operations across physical, virtual and cloud systems. Forcepoint Next Generation Firewall (NGFW) combines fast, flexible networking (SD-WAN and LAN) with industry-leading security to connect and protect people and the data they use throughout diverse, evolving enterprise networks. SD-WAN replace costly MPLS at retail stores and branch offices with broadband links to the cloud. Accelerate Office 365 performance and boost resilience without sacrificing security. A unified software core enables Forcepoint NGFW to handle multiple security roles, from firewall/VPN to IPS to layer 2 firewall, in dynamic business environments.

Forcepoint NGFWs can be deployed in a variety of ways (e.g., physical, virtual, cloud appliances), all managed from a single console. Forcepoint uniquely tailors access control and deep inspection to each connection to provide high performance and security. It combines granular application control, intrusion prevention system (IPS) defenses, built-in virtual private network (VPN) control and mission-critical application proxies into an efficient, extensible and highly scalable design. Forcepoint NGFWs selectively and automatically whitelist or blacklist network traffic originating from specific applications on PCs, laptops, servers, file shares and other endpoint devices based on highly granular endpoint contextual data. It goes beyond typical firewalls to prevent attempted exfiltration of sensitive data from endpoints via unauthorized programs, web applications, users and communications channels. Forcepoint NGFW industryleading security engine is designed for all three stages of network defense: to defeat evasions, detect exploits of vulnerabilities and stop malware. It can be deployed transparently behind existing firewalls to add protection without disruption, or as full-featured NGFW for all-inone security.

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