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Forcepoint Private Access

Unlike other private access products, Forcepoint Private Access protects private applications and networks against potentially compromised remote devices and networks while also giving you control to prevent the loss of sensitive information or intellectual property. With PA, your people can work safely wherever they need to while your operations stay efficient and secure. Forcepoint Private Access lets remote workers automatically use private applications the same way at home or on the road as they do in the office. It frees them from having to know where applications are deployed or when (and how) to start a VPN. They simply connect to applications in whatever way they’re used to, whether through single sign-on portals like Okta and Ping Networks or browser shortcuts. In addition, unlike VPNs that send all internet traffic into the internal network and back out again, Forcepoint Private Access enables users to connect to websites and cloud apps directly over the internet for the best overall performance.

Forcepoint Private Access provides true zero-trust protection for enterprise networks that isolates them from potentially compromised remote devices and networks. All traffic to and from private applications, whether in data centers or private clouds, is inspected by a built-in anti-intrusion technology to keep advanced threats out. In addition, Forcepoint Private Access is designed to give security teams control over how private applications are used. Subsequent releases will provide advanced data loss prevention scanning to limit remote users from downloading sensitive data or intellectual property.

Forcepoint Private Access greatly reduces the need to scale up VPN infrastructure and support teams to handle large numbers of users working from home or on the road. With Forcepoint Private Access, network operations teams have centralized, fine-grained control over the access and usage of each application. It automatically segments remote access, limiting each user to just the particular application servers they need without exposing the rest of the enterprise network or having to set up complicated firewall rules. Having Zero Trust Network Access and advanced anti-intrusion protection in one service provides visibility and control without having to switch between different consoles.

Forcepoint Private Access limits each user’s access to just the specific resources they need to get their job done—preventing them from unintentionally or maliciously compromising sensitive data they have no reason to be touching.

Forcepoint Private Access offer:

• Greater Productivity – give remote users easier access to private apps.
• Lower Costs – cut CapEx and OpEx by not having to scale up VPN infrastructure and support.
• Reduced Risk – protect internal networks and private clouds against potentially compromised remote devices and networks.
• Streamlined Compliance – increase your visibility and control for faster incident response.

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