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Forcepoint Trusted Mail System

Forcepoint Trusted Mail System addresses the specific need for the secure transfer of email and attachments between multiple security levels and different networks. Forcepoint Trusted Mail System is a Commercial-Off-The-Shelf (COTS) highly secure solution that enables the policy-enforced exchange of emails and attachments between users on different networks, eliminating the need to switch between email systems at multiple levels. Forcepoint Trusted Mail System provides a “single inbox” that consolidates email residing on various networks at the highest level, making it less likely that important and mission-sensitive email communications are overlooked. Users are able to read, forward, and respond to any email message that they receive regardless of the security level, but any emails generated will originate from the security level at which the single inbox resides (normally the highest security level). Email messages received from different security levels can be color coded within Microsoft Outlook using a set of simple client-based rules.

Forcepoint Trusted Gateway System performs deep content inspection filtering of email messages, attachments, and nested content (including multi-part MIME) which includes:

• File type identification
• Virus scanning
• Dirty word search
• Analysis of Microsoft Office documents via Purifile
• PDF transformation and sanitization
• Image transformation

Forcepoint Trusted Mail System ensures that status and error message information from the recipient’s domain are correlated to the original email sent from the sender’s domain. This is especially helpful for administrators when troubleshooting email errors. For additional security, Forcepoint Trusted Mail System provides complete end-to-end auditing of all events through the system for comprehensive security monitoring and post-event forensics.

Forcepoint Trusted Mail System enables secure, policyenforced exchange of email and attachments between users on different networks allowing use of a single inbox for all email activity. The ability to use a single inbox increases productivity for those who require access to multiple email clients residing on different networks at varying classification levels. Utilizing the US UCDSMO Baseline listed Forcepoint Trusted Gateway System as the cross domain guard ensures that users can securely exchange email between multiple email systems without the risk of transferring malicious data or unintentionally transferring sensitive data.

Forcepoint secure information sharing solutions are designed to enable secure access and transfer of sensitive information for government, intelligence community, civilian, and corporate entities in the US and around the globe, including 5 Eyes nations and NATO member countries. Forcepoint’s secure information sharing solutions continue to strike the right balance between information protection and information sharing – a vital component to enterprise security.

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