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Forcepoint Trusted Thin Client

Forcepoint Trusted Thin Client is comprised of two components, a Distribution Console and client software. The Distribution Console is the solution’s server component and provides the physical connection to one or more single-level virtualized networks, maintaining separation between each. The Distribution Console leverages the Common Criteria evaluated (EAL4+) Red Hat Enterprise Linux operating system with Security-Enhanced Linux (SELinux) to provide stringent security controls and maintain the necessary network/data separation. The client software communicates directly with the Distribution Console and provides secure, simultaneous access to permitted networks, applications and data. While providing connectivity to multiple security domains through common virtualization and desktop and application redisplay technologies (e.g., Citrix, Microsoft, VMware), each network has a separate physical network interface connection on the Distribution Console that is assigned the classification level of the domain.

Designed and built to meet the needs of any enterprise deployment, Forcepoint Trusted Thin Client is the most secure yet flexible access solution available today, providing robust centralized management for multiple form factors, globally dispersed sites and thousands of users. Administrators are equipped with centralized administration and monitoring, scalability to easily add networks and clients, and the flexibility to enable access to users in offices, in-theater, and in the field from virtually any device.

Environments that provide connection to high-risk networks, such as unclassified networks or the open Internet, are required to operate in a restricted manner. To enforce this requirement, Forcepoint Trusted Thin Client installation is modular based on your environment. Restricted, high-risk environments are installed with some features removed.

The Distribution Console is the solution’s administration and monitoring hub from which all Distribution Consoles, endpoints and users are administered through the Management Console application. It is recommended that all deployments utilize multiple Distribution Consoles to address server outages, scheduled maintenance and unexpected hardware failures.

Forcepoint Trusted Thin Client solves the difficult problem of satisfying security needs while enhancing user productivity. It provides users with secure simultaneous access to any number of sensitive networks through a single device, in support of an enterprise-ready trusted collaboration experience that brings people, data, security, policy, and governance into alignment. Forcepoint Trusted Thin Client is designed to satisfy information assurance requirements, eliminate potential leaks and risks, and provide users with a familiar desktop environment. Forcepoint’s multi-network access technology: Trusted Thin Client, is currently in operation across a multitude of federal agencies including the DOD, DOJ, and IC with over 160,000 access devices deployed around the globe. It has proven deployments of over 60 classification levels and the ability to easily add more classification levels and endpoints at anytime. All IT resources, including endpoint updates are easily managed through a central management console. Forcepoint’s cross domain multilevel solutions are designed to meet or exceed extensive and rigorous security A&A testing for simultaneous connections to various networks at different security levels. Forcepoint offers an experienced professional services team to guide customers through the technical implementation and A&A processes.

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