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Forcepoint UEBA Behavioral Analytics

Forcepoint UEBA’s market-leading platform integrates structured and unstructured data to provide holistic visibility into nuanced human activity, patterns, and long-term trends that comprise human risk. The product offers a variety of customer use cases through a diverse set of analytics built upon four tenets: Diverse Data Sources, Hybrid Analytics, Configurability, and Transparency.
Forcepoint UEBA is a powerful platform with a defined generic data model, flexible enough to handle incredibly diverse data yet structured enough to apply powerful big data analytics. The product’s information model provides specific guidelines for how to map data from different sources in order to maximize the effectiveness of the analytic engines. The Forcepoint UEBA Analytic Hierarchy is made up of features, models, and scenarios.
Organizations that choose Forcepoint UEBA to improve their security posture gain many benefits, including:
• Comprehensive Visibility. Forcepoint is the only vendor that covers structured and unstructured business data in addition to communications to leave no detection gaps.
• Deep Context. Focus on behaviors, not just anomalies, with precise narratives that indicate unwanted behavior.
• Flexibility. Easily build or customize risk models to fit any unique organization and support any risk use case.
• Efficiency. Pivot from alert to investigation with in-depth analytics within a single platform.

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