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Kaspersky DDoS

Kaspersky DDoS solution will keep your business running smoothly no matter what type of distributed denial of service attack you ever had.

Kaspersky DDoS Protection delivers a total, integrated DDoS attack protection and mitigation solution that takes care of every stage that’s necessary to defend your business. From continuous analysis of all of your online traffic, through to alerting you about the possible presence of an attack and then receiving your redirected traffic, cleaning your traffic and returning ‘clean’ traffic to you, Kaspersky DDoS Protection provides everything your business needs to defend against – and mitigate the effects of – all types of DDoS attacks.

The Kaspersky Lab sensor software runs within your IT infrastructure integrating with services from the global network of data traffic scrubbing (cleaning) centers. The sensor is connected to the SPAN (Switched Port Analyzer) port, it’s able to get the best possible view of all traffic that’s flowing into and out of the resource that it’s protecting. As soon as the sensor is connected to your infrastructure, it starts collecting data on your incomingand outgoing traffic. It analyses each packet’s headers and sends information to the Kaspersky DDoS Protection cloud servers – where statistical profiles of ‘normal traffic behavior’ and ‘normal visitor behavior’ for your business are being generated.

Kaspersky DDoS Protection gives you two choices for redirection methods, Border Gateway Protocol (BGP) and Domain Name System (DNS) redirection, therefore allowing you to make the better choice for your corporate environment.

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