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Kaspersky Endpoint Security for Cloud

Kaspersky Endpoint Security Cloud offers straightforward protection for your business – wherever you are and wherever you are heading. It is the next step of Kaspersky’s Labs to extend their most awarded solution that offers unmatched protection for your business – wherever you are and wherever you are heading, all managed from a single cloud hosted console.

Kaspersky’s cloud-based security platform approach means your users can work securely on any device, and collaborate safely online, at work or at home, from remote offices and even in the field. The cloud-based console means your security can be managed from anywhere and any time.

The solution, similar to its sibling (KESB), combines a multi-layered architecture with next-generation threat protection features adding proactive technologies such as Application, Web and Device controls, vulnerability and patch management and data encryption.

KESB Cloud promotes safe cloud adoption, with Shadow IT Discovery and protection for even MS Office 365 (addon product). Getting started is quick and easy, with no need to set up a server or configure security policies, and your users are protected from the instant they come online. As well as being more secure, you’ll find that with Kaspersky Endpoint Security Cloud you actually spend less time managing your IT security, so you can stay focused on high priority business tasks.

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