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Kaspersky Security and Awareness Platform

Kaspersky Automated Security Awareness Platform (ASAP) takes a new approach to online educational programs. This holistic solution doesn’t just provide knowledge: it builds concrete cyber-hygiene skills and practices. ASAP supports you at every step of your corporate security awareness journey, from goal-setting through to results-evaluation using actionable reporting and analytics.

Simplified objective-setting, automated learning paths, practical exercises based on real-life scenarios all help to deliver effective results and a successful outcome, for participants and training management alike.

The learning platform is simplified and streamlined through automation as it takes less than 10 minutes to launch the program. Simply upload your organizations user-list, divide users into groups and set target level for each group. The platform builds an education schedule for each group, based on pace and target level, as well as delivering actionable reporting and recommendations.

KASA’s content is structured to support micro-learning, keeping training sessions focused and bite-sized to deliver high levels of knowledge retention and subsequent skills application.

Kaspersky Automated Security Awareness Platform is available in all main languages, including English, Russian, German and Greek.

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