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SecureCloud is a major new addition to the Tufin Orchestration Suite (SecureTrack, SecureChange, SecureApp), the only platform that unifies security policy management across on-premises, cloud-native, and hybrid clouds

Tufin SecureCloud revolutionizes cloud security. Companies no longer need to compromise agility for security. Leverage SecureCloud’s policy-centric automation-based approach to secure your journey to the cloud. Gain confidence knowing your cloud-native, hybrid cloud, and Kubernetes applications are properly configured and secure.

The solution once deployed will automatically discover and visualize workloads with its automated policy discoverer. It will visualize all assets deployed, configurations, and security settings with SecureCloud’s application centric topology view. This enables the system administration to fully understand who is talking to whom and what is talking to what to detect policy violations and ensure only trusted workloads and traffic are permitted.

SecureCloud continuously monitors activities in your environment and automatically creates and enforces microsegmentation policies to reduce your attack surface. The visibility, control and microsegmentation that SecureCloud offers are key requirements to build a Zero Trust security model.

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